Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Casa San Pablo

Taken during a trip to Casa San Pablo....


salingPUSA said...

Is this in the Philippines? Sorry to sound ignorant. But looks quiet and peaceful....nice place to relax.

Z said...

yes.. this can be found in Laguna..

ArchieMD said...

San Pablo Laguna?

Z said...


ArchieMD said...

is this a resort or just a spa or something?
do they offer overnight accomodations?

Z said...

casa san pablo is a resort that offers day-trip, group packages and overnight accomodations.

OVERNIGHT w/ Breakfast OVERNIGHT w/ three Meals Day Trip w/ Lunch GROUP Packages Dine Only OUR
Standard accommodations are single beds or bunk beds. For twin bed requirements, please specify upon reservation. All rooms have air-conditioning and private toilet and bath as well as running hot water.

Room for 1 pax P2,100
Room for 2-4 pax P1,500 per head
Room for 5 pax and above P1,100 per head

All meals are served family-style or buffet. We serve traditional Laguna dishes, should you have any dietary requirements, please inform us one week before your visit.

Drinks will be charged on a per order basis. Cost of drinks range from P25 for bottled drinks and P45 for canned drinks.
Meals (plate service) P100 per meal
Accommodations at driver’s quarters P700 per night

Please note:
* Check-in time is 11:00 am, and check-out time is 10:00 am. Guests are required to surrender their keys prior to
checking out. Guests who arrive earlier than the check-in time can stay in the lounge area and can begin using the
facilities while waiting for check-in time.
* No charge for kids below 2 years old. Half-rate for kids below 8 years old.
* All rates are subject to change without prior notice

zukaarimoto said...

i like the place

ingat ka lage

the spool artist said...

galing ng place! can't believe i've never come across this when i was still living sa pinas! ma-google nga to.