Monday, September 8, 2008

Satisfy me...

I dunno what`s happening but since last friday, I`m beginning feel the adrenalin rushing to my veins throughout my body. I feel like I need to do something; something that will give excitement; something that will satisfy my craving for something dangerous.

Anyways, too much for "something" and "satisfy", I invited a friend to go out last friday but unfortunately no one responded so what I did is that I have taken pills* of you-know-what.*wink*. It took a couple of minutes before the effect kicked in. Damn I`m in cloud 9. Still not satisfied, I bought bottles of smirnoff vodka just for an added blow. So far so good, uppers and downers in one..The effects of both continued until saturday and I was able to sleep for 2 hours. I woke up before nightfall and still not contented, I went out with a couple of friends and went straight to a bar. There, we danced, flirted, and drank beers. And for an added combo, pills*. We partied all night and we went home just in time for me to take shower and report to the office.

At the office, well its fucking boring. Done this, done that.. That`s all..So fucking waste of time but still I manage to keep sober. No one was able to tell that I`m still in a position that I might not think logically at work.. Pity on them. At least it`s good for my side. Surfing the web for 9 hours and then went straight home after.

Too bad for me, still I`m craving for something up to this time.. Hmm, what shall I do next????...... (evil grin**) >:D

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