Monday, September 15, 2008

14/08/08 8:00pm

The time set for me and Julian to meet at Greenbelt 3 for dinner. I arrived first so I went to Starbucks to order Frappe. It took him almost an hour to arrive at the location via MRT. Then we decided to dine at Sentro.

While taking order I saw this waiter named Pat.He`s cute I must say. I think around 5`5 and got a slim bod. That`s when I realized Julian saw him too and he liked him he said. It took us about 10 minutes to order with Pat at the side. We ordered lamb caldereta and pork adobo in garlic sauce.

Waiting for the order, we checked Pat. We laughed, talked silently as much as we could. Then to my surprise, I caught Pat checking us, I mean me...He looked at me straight and I did the same also. Our eyes met. I just smiled at him. hahaha wtf am I doing!?!Flirting. Then without him knowing, I took a photo of him.

Then the order was served. While having dinner, we can`t stop checking him and then making up suggestions on how we can get the number. sadly, we were not able to do so. I am shy but not Julian-the silent bitch..woohoo..:D I dunno if Pat is doing that intentionally, going to the table next to us to check if they still want to add some orders, blah..blah.. But nevermind about that.

We finished the course and we ordered brewed coffee. While having coffee, Pat made a comment that there is still 30 minutes before his off. did I hear a cue from him? Hmm I thought. Were done and then for one last time, smiled at Pat, nevermind the waitress-bitch..hahaha

Next stop, Malate...But that`s another story...that`s all for this nonsense blogpost.

P.S. Pat if you can read this, Julian wants to get your nubmer... Msg me for that....hehehe

(The photos above are of Pat, sorry but that`s all we can get from him, not mentioning I took the photos without him knowing.You can check him at Sentro Restaurant @Greenbelt 3. Preferred time to catch him - 7 to 10pm. They will close at 11pm.)


ArchieMD said...

are you the Z who's a friend of E?

Z said...

yes i am..why?

Looking For The Source said...


as far as i can remember and as far as my watch is concerned, i arrived 30 minutes late. hindi almost an hour. and quits na tau, kasi late ka din nung nagkita tau sa trinoma! nyahaha... (no one should be late sa chicane!)

syempre, mas matagal umorder, mas matagal syang nanjan! i loved the lamb caldereta.

i truly accept that i am a bitch. pero sa instance na nagtititigan kau, who's the bitch now? obviously, he was checking you out. he was obviously one of us. galaw pa lang. huling huli ko na. and sabi mo sakin "behave" ka sa gb ha. hmmm... yan ba ang idea ng behave sau? nyahahah...

and yeah, im a silent bitch. and shy! totoo yan no!

didnt you notice, nung dumaan sya sa likod mo, saka nya sinabi yon, becoz obviously trip ka nya, and narealize nya na hindi tau partners... so he took the chance and kunwari ung bitch waitress ang sinasabihan nya ng 30 minutes, pero para sau yon!

and FYI, i dont want his number. i want him! joke.

he's yours for the taking! goodluck!

Z said...


hmmm. next time balik tayo dun...hahaha lalandiin natin sya...