Tuesday, August 19, 2008


While having some thoughts about what to do with this coming new year of my life, I nearly missed it; it's the birthday of "Eagleman". Eagleman is the kid on the t.v ad kokocrunch, I call him Gab.He should be turning 12 years old now if he did not passed away. He departed last February 2nd, this year, after hardships and four heart operations, he let go. He had a twin sister named Aira, who shared the same fate as he and went to heaven at the age of 7,while Gab and Aira was playing at the lawn at home in Makati. Aira just lost consciousness and when she was brought to the hospital, she was pronounced DOA,Dead on Arrival.Reason, heart failure.

Gab taught me on what is the meaning of life. Even though he already knew that he may not live long enough, he faced daily life as normally as he could do. He went to school, mingle with classmates and friends, attended mass at the church every Sunday, went to the hospital for check up, and of course underwent the 4 heart operations in the span of 6 months.He lived life to the fullest. At a young age, he already suffered major setbacks in life.First,he lost his twin sister. Second, Parents got divorced. And lastly, knowing that he will share the same fate as Aira....

What I missed much about Gab is his "kakulitan". He had done so many things that I cannot count them all,but in the end he`s just a normal kid like we all are when we are young. We talked everyday thru cellphone, chitchatting about things that happened during the day and it includes all those nasty little things we have done around the neighborhood.One example will be this event, he went to the store one day and along the way he met a Korean lady talking on her cellphone. Since this lady is obviously not well-groomed and not goodlooking at all,he commented to himself "ano ba tong babaeng ito, ang chaka-chaka." He did not realized that the Korean lady overheard him and then asked him what is chaka-chaka. So what Gab did was, he smiled sweetly to this lady and told her you are beautiful, chaka-chaka means beautiful. I laughed my hearts out when he told me that. Well, san ba nagmana ang batang 'to kundi sakin na pasaway nyang Tito. Even his father can attest to that!

Gab wherever you are, we missed you. Guide your twin siblings, Jam and Micah. I know you are with us always.

Happy Birthday Gab, Aira, and to you also Bogs.

Now I come to think of it, What I want to do in my life is just to live life to the fullest, that is, on the good side....


Looking For The Source said...

nakakasad nmn yung unang post mo.

and nakakasad ung nangyari kay gab. naalala ko ung commercial never thought na ganun ang mangyayari sa kanya.

such a strong kid indeed.

which teaches us one thing - to live life to the fullest.. responsibly..

happy birthday to them.

and advanced happy birthday to you Z!

E said...

wow....life is indeed short...grabe, the kid sure is strong!
Z-stop hibernating and treat your online friends for your bday :-) painom ka naman jan! saka na ung gift-pag may celebration hehehhehe

zukaarimoto said...

hey there dean,
thanks for giving me your site. I wasn't paying attention to the contents of this site coz im looking for ur pics (stupid me)
yeah coz this guy (dean) i havent seen the real him.
we do chat, talk and text for nonsense things (adik) but you still got my way of appreciating life. u texted me those time when your pamangkin was rushed to the hospital and i was sad to hear about it. Well, I know that they're cute little angels right now looking after you so dont be pasaway and take care also of your heart. Be good my friend and thanks for being one of your friends