Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SMS Message

26-Aug-2008 1:26AM
From: 63928XXXXXXX

Hi tito wag ka maingay kay papa gab2x ito musta k n tagal din tayo di tayo usap advance happy birthday mwahmwah

I received this SMS yesterday early morning. At first, I though it`s just my cuz who texted me but when I read the message it came from my niece, Gab2x. He remembered my birthday!

I really can`t explain why it happened but Gab2x passed away last February 2nd, this year. It doesn't sound right, so I texted my Cuz, thank God he is still awake, and asked him if who is handling the Smartphone. He replied to me stating that the cellphone is at the drawer at the office. No one is around that time. Hmm, that`s weird. I told him the details regarding the text message and even forwarded it to his other phone. He was shocked but said calmly that it`s just not me but the others as well are also receiving some text messages from Gab2x, and even they can hear Gab2x with his twin Aira, playing around the house in the middle of the night.

At around 9am, I told my Cuz to check if there was a message sent to me at the sent folder and there was none. I even told him that I replied to the message that Gab2x sent but there was no new message.

Well I`ve decided that maybe Gab2x is still around us.Maybe he don`t want to leave yet and maybe he just want to look after his loved ones. With that I rest my case. " I don't care about those things anymore, I dont want to get wrinkles". Fave line of Gab2x and I`m applying it to myself...hehehehe


Looking For The Source said...

that's creepy...

pero its nice to know that theyre watching you.


zukaarimoto said...

hi there dean,

at first i was all up to see your face :-p not considering the content of this blogsite. But then, what caught my attention was the thing that you told me before when you texted last january or february of this year about your pamangkin at it also made me sad. And I do also hope that you will not suffer the same fate. As a friend, please do take care of yourself. We might sometimes talk about nonsense things but there are certain points of you that touches me and appreciate things about you. Well, so much of this thanks for getting involve (a slighty touch) into ur life.


- jason